Dear Spitfire Family,

our website is currently under maintenance and will go online soon.

At this moment training indoors in Berlin is allowed under 3G rules.


Trial training

You're not sure and want to have a tryout class first? No problem, we give you a whole day for free on which you can try as many classes as you want. Please show up 15 minutes before the beginning of the class you want to visit and inform our counter.


Please consider:

- to bring your ID card

- equipment: for a trial it is not essential to have specific equipment. You can use usual sports clothes.

- to bring Slippers for the changing room and the corridors (barefooted only on the mats)

- if you are under 18 years, you need a confirmation by your parents. It would be the best to bring your parents along, so they can see that you are in good and professional hands.


Important notice: 

If you are a member already and supported us during the lockdown from November 2020 to June 2021, then be aware, that you will receive the according service to a later time through our Bring-a-Friend option or private sessions. Please get in touch with our counter concerning this matter. Thank you for your huge support!

We are awaiting you in the gym and look forward to seeing you.


Your Spitfire-Crew



Wir sind Stolz euch mitteilen zu dürfen, dass

das Spitfire Gym das neue europäische

Hauptquartier vom Weltweit vertretenen GFTeam ist.